BBK8: Meet Badekkila Pradeep, The Voice Of Kannada Bigg Boss

BBK8: Meet Badekkila Pradeep, The Voice Of Kannada Bigg Boss

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Kannada Bigg Boss is one of the most watched and hugely popular reality shows in Kannada television. The show attracts a lot of attention from the TV viewers not only because of the format of the show but also due to the contestants, the look of the house and the tasks assigned.

We already told you that Bigg Boss viewers are hooked to the show, thanks to the interesting elements that the show constitutes. While watching it daily becomes a habit to the viewers for all the 100 days of the show run, weekend episodes are special. The reason is that host Kichcha Sudeep appears on the show and there’s a lot of tension in the house as well as among the audience to see which nominated contestant will be shown the door that week.

Now, besides that, what makes Bigg Boss effective is also the voice that is heard throughout the show. Bigg Boss fans are fidaa over the voice of Kannada Bigg Boss. And if you do not know whose voice that is, then it is none other than Badekilla Pradeep. He not only controls the behaviour of contestants inside  the house but his baritone has the power to even stop arguing contestants in their tracks. Also, his is the only voice that communicates with contestants inside the house on a day-to-day basis. The Bigg Boss voice also assigns tasks besides reprimanding contestants who cross the line.

Now, about Badekilla Pradeep, the voice of Bigg Boss. He’s a well known voice over artist and has been part of Bigg Boss Karnataka since Season 1. A professional journalist who started his careeer with a Kannada TV channel eventually worked his way up to become the voice of Bigg Boss Kannada.

Badekilla Pradeep has also appeared in TV serials like Krishna Rukmini and Bharathi (Kannada), Sondha Bandham and Kalyanam Mudhal Kadhal Varai (Tamil). He was a news anchor with TV9 Kannada for nearly five years.

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