BBK8 Viewers Troll Dhanushree For Early Morning Makeup Before Bath, Call Her Asian Paints Brand Ambassador

BBK8 Viewers Troll Dhanushree For Early Morning Makeup Before Bath, Call Her Asian Paints Brand Ambassador

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Bigg Boss Kannada Season 8 is getting interesting by the day with contestants showing their true colors. It takes a while for both the participants as well as the TV audience to get used to the show and the new environment.

Tik Tok Star Dhanushree is one of the contestants on the Kannada Bigg Boss show. Even though she is one of the most silent contestants, her name is being discussed on the social media. No, we are not kidding. What Dhanushree did in the Bigg Boss house yesterday has become a talking point on social media among Bigg Boss viewers.

It is known that Bigg Boss housemates were shocked to see Dhanushree donning makeup and doing up her hair before she went for bath, now, BBK8 contestant Dhanushree is being trolled on social media for the same reason.

This is not the first time she has been trolled for her makeup. Now, this seems to have followed her to the Bigg Boss house too. Pictures of Dhanushree crying on the very first day after she entered the Bigg Boss

had gone viral. Trollers had posted a picture of her crying and asked, “How much makeup does Tik Tok star Dhanushree put on?” As if that was not enough,. Dhanushree committed the same mistake again in the Bigg Boss house.

Tik Tok Star Dhanushree was seen doing her hair and putting on makeup before she went for bath and thus she has become fodder for social media trolls. In fact, her housemate Manju Pavagada even asked her about it on the show itself and it became a subject of discussion inside the glass house with Prashanth Sambargi too sharing his views on the subject. He said it would take an year for Dhanushree to remove her makeup. Now, trollers have attacked the tik tok star for the same reason with memes. They are calling Dhanushree Asian paints brand ambassador for the amount of makeup she has put on.

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