Bigg Boss Kannada 8 Viewers Dub Manju Divya Relationship Fake, Publicity Gimmick

Bigg Boss Kannada 8 Viewers Dub Manju-Divya Relationship Fake, Publicity Gimmick

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Kannada Bigg Boss Season 8 has just got hotter, thanks to contestants Manju Pavagada and Divya Suresh’s love track which has spiced up the show. Romance is not something new to the TV reality show. During the last season, it was Shine Shetty and Deepika Das and this time it seems to be this couple.

The theme of Bigg Boss is to ensure that contestants bond with their housemates and learn to gel well with all. And most contestants inside the house learn to do so unless they get into a fight and fall out with the other. Several contestants in Bigg Boss show across languages have fallen in love with their fellow contestants and some have even taken their relationship to the next level after coming out of the Bigg Boss house. However, a few others just fizzle out as quickly as they were formed.

Now, back to the present season of Bigg Boss Kannada Season 8. Love is in the air and that’s between Pavagada Manju who confessed to it on the very first day without taking the name of the person. But now, it’s clear that he has his eyes set on housemate Divya Suresh.

Now, is it one way or two way? As of now, it seems like Divya is too feels comfortable having Manju around. They both are seen hanging out together in the house. While they are busy bonding, fellow contestants are enjoying watching them. The duo’s chemistry is palpable and Bigg Boss fans seem to be enjoying the entertainment too. In the last episode, Manju and Divya went to the extent of saying yes to turning husband and wife just to keep the housemates entertained.

Now, we are not sure whether they have genuine feelings for each other or they are doing it for publicity to gain some brownie points from the audience and Bigg Boss for TRPs. Bigg Boss viewers who have been closely watching the couple feel that this is fake love and being done only to woo the audience and nothing else. Let’s see if Pavagada Manju and Divya Suresh can prove them wrong!

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