BTS Members Shared Notes For BE Tracks Ahead Of Essential Edition Release

BTS Members Shared Notes For BE Tracks Ahead Of Essential Edition Release

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BTS and Bighit announced an ‘Essential Edition’ to the BE album that released on 20th Nov last year. The album will soon be released and the pre-orders are underway. The members participated in the making process. Not just the songs, the production process, making, MV shooting, concept pictures, everything was handled by BTS.

The deluxe version of BE album was released on 20 November, 2020. It was the first ever BTS album to have 7 photocards. The album came with a photobook, lyrics poster, making book, photo cards and postcards. The album was filled with all the stuff that ARMYs will like.

Ahead of the BE Essential Album release, each member shared their notes for the album’s tracks. It started with Suga and ended with Jin’s notes.

It was on 1st February at 12.00 am kst that a short video dropped. ARMYs are always doing a countdown for 12 AM KST but somehow they are never prepared. It doesn’t matter if there is an official schedule or not, the BTS fandom will always be on high alert as one never knows when the BTS members decide to surprise the fans.


Member Suga was the first one to share his notes for self-produced track, Telepathy. The short video was dropped on 1st February. It was a 23 second clip with raw vocals as Yoongi was recording the demo version of the track. Although Suga can’t be seen in the video, we can see his piano and guitar as these instruments are close to his heart.

RM-Life Goes On

Namjoon took the title track, Life Goes on. It is a very personal yet simple video. In a 30 seconds clip, RM can be seen roaming around, scribbling something in his noting pad and lost in deep thoughts. The leader sings a few lines (“Like an echo in the forest, The day will come back”) from the track Life goes on in the demo version. Namjoon along with other members worked on this song and owns major credits.


The maknae sang a few lines from the sub-unit track, Stay. The track is sung by RM, Jin and JK. It is a personal song for Jungkook as Stay was originally meant to be part of his long awaited mixtape, but instead became part of BE album. JK has major writing credits for the song. In the 20 second clip, Jungkook can be seen roaming around, writing and drawing something in his book.


As it was revealed during the BE release vlive that Jimin wrote the bridge part of Dis-ease in less than 30 minutes, even in the video shared by Bighit, Jimin was seen writing that part in his noting pad. Sitting on his comfy chair, Jimin sings the powerful bridge, “Sick and tired, But I don’t wanna mess up, Cause life goes on” in the 24 second video clip.

Taehyung-Blue and Grey

A short snippet to Blue and Grey was played during one of the episodes of ‘In the Soop.’ V originally made this song as a part of his highly anticipated mixtape but later it became part of BE. Tae shared his notes video for the self-produced track. In the video, Taehyung was seen along with his pet, Yeontan while writing the lyrics on his phone. While pacing around and looking out of the window, V sings the beginning, “Where is my angel, At the end of the day, casting its shadow.”


Back with notes for Dis-ease was JHope. Hoseok shared the notes for his self-composed track Dis-ease, a song that hyped up the fans. In the 17 second clip, Jhope was seen playing on a rotating chair, making shadow puppets and writing the lyrics in his book. Jhope worked really hard on this track, so it was meaningful that his demo version for Dis-ease was shared. The lyrics are different to what Jimin sang in his video clip. Jhope’s version majorly focuses on the beats and the chorus part.


Along with members Jungkook and RM, Jin also took part in the creation process of this song. The subunit track is sung by RM, JK and Jin. In the 19 second clip, Jin can be seen tossing around on a black sofa, writing the lyrics. He sings the part different to what Jungkook shared in his video, “Was it a dream, I feel like I saw you…” he sings.

With Jin, the 7 day journey and 7 video clips of each member came to an end. It was really special as all the members had credits and had contributed to the making of at least one song in the BE album.

Pre-order for the BE essential album started on January 25, 2021 and the album will be released on February 19. Looks like ARMYs are ready to give Jhope and Suga their ‘Billboard No.1’ gifts as well.

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