Don’t React, Instead Respond! Parenting In Quarantine

Don’t React, Instead Respond! Parenting In Quarantine

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The whole world is quarantined at home due to coronavirus pandemic. Almost everyone are spending time with their families staying indoors to avoid the virus attack. The first two quarantine weeks might have been seen as blessing for families that never found enough time to bond. But now it’s been over a month and nerves are frayed for most of us.

Even slight changes and little things are ticking us off. It’s like almost everyone is on edge.

And during this uncertain times and lockdown period, coping up with your family especially with your children is the most important thing that has to be addressed. If ignored, it might effect on mental health of your child. It may lead to depression, anxiety and stress.

Firstly, for a parent to cope with the family, first he or she should have a clear image of the present scenario and what exactly are we dealing with.

Coronavirus crisis is something different from usual traumas and disaster. We are currently dealing with umimagined and uncertain phase. The pandemic can surely lead to anxiety. The whole is baffled. Scientists are still researching on the virus and trying to find the vaccine for it. Once we have accepted this, only then can we think about how to cope.

How to cope with the family especially children?

The pandemic has forced us to pause on a normal way of thinking about our daily routine. It has put many restrictions on our daily schedule. Never before have families been together 24/7 for a long period, and it is difficult. A family is a group of different of different people with different thoughts, developmental stages and different psychological needs. And it is quite obvious that ups and downs may arise during this phase.

Families can take certain steps to deal with this social isolation. Here are few important steps to be taking while parenting in quarantine:


The most crucial first step is to stay calm and check your anxiety levels. Children tend to model behaviors of their parents and caregivers or take on their surrounding stressors. Be aware of your behaviors and think about how your reactions may influence your child.


The lockdown can also be seen as a chance for parents to practice mindfulness. Instead of just reacting to what a child does, try to respond to them. When a parent reacts in anger, he or she shouts at the child and regrets it later. It can lead to negativity among children and they might backfire on their parents.

Parents should use this isolation time to know their children more closely. And it goes to children also. Maybe children don’t really know their parents as persons. They should interact with each other and know more. This might also help increasing the bonding.


Childrens observe everything around them. It is obvious that they might ask many questions related to the present scenario and thev virus. They might about deaths due to coronavirus. Parents should never hide such real truths behind the situation. Depending on the age or developmental stage child, parents should take the time to sit them down and explain what is causing all this illness and death by using appropriate words.

Parents should follow up this talk with an empowering message: that they can do something to help fight the virus spread (stay home, wash hands, refrain from touching their face).


The pandemic has also forced us to pay better attention on parent-children relationships, those may have taken for granted because of the hectic lives.

The present time is the phase of distress. Lockdown, isolation and socilal distancing is tough for children. It might lead to depression and introversion among children. So, parents should always keep a check on the bond with their children and their activeness. They should alway check if their children are proactive in the family or not.

So, stay connected with your children and hope to overcome these unprecedented times soon!

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