Fever Symptoms After COVID Vaccine Shot? Do This!

Fever Symptoms After COVID Vaccine Shot? Do This!

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The world was under lockdown with the spread of novel coronavirus. The pandemic left us all confused as to what we will do now. People were left with no choice but to stay at their homes. Now the world is slowly coming back to their normal lives, also the launch of the COVID19 vaccine has made it easier. Although the vaccine has been released, it was advised that people continue taking precautions.

The vaccine has already been introduced in many countries. Many nations including the US, India and others started their Immunization program and are towards the end of phase one.

In India, many frontline workers received both their doses of vaccine. As the country reached the end of its first phase, it is now gearing up for Phase two. Prime Minister Narendra Modi called it the largest Vaccination program in the world.  India has the responsibility to vaccinate 120 crore citizens.

Phase 1 of the COVID19 vaccine plan started with inoculation of the frontline workers, medical experts and other officials. The focus was to vaccinate the frontline workers first, then move on to the elderly citizens. Now that phase two has begun, the elderly people will be receiving vaccine shots.

While the person goes to get their vaccination done, it is very important that they take care of themselves. The shot could be more than what your body can handle, so it is paramount that you take certain measures. Nothing too elaborate, just drinking lots of fluids will do.

To keep your body healthy, it is best that you drink lots of fluids before and after receiving the vaccine shot. In case you develop a fever, drink lots of fluids including water and juices.

CDC Suggestion

The Centers for Disease Control (CDC) suggested one particular drink that will help your body. Green Tea is the best drink to calm your body. The drink will give your body some energy and rehydrate it.

Drinking Green Tea before and after vaccination will help your body. Not just after vaccination, this drink in general is very good for your body. Especially for those people who have diabetes, Green Tea is very good for their health.

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