Park Jinyoung Signs With Bighit Entertainment; Here’s What Rest Of GOT7 Members Are Doing

Park Jinyoung Signs With Bighit Entertainment; Here’s What Rest Of GOT7 Members Are Doing

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South Korean pop group GOT7 came to an end of their contract with JYP Entertainment after seven years. The band consists of seven members, including JB, Mark, Jackson, Jinyoung, Youngjae, BamBam and Yugyeom. They made their debut on January 16, 2014 with debut single “Girls Girls Girls.”

On January 19, 2021, the band officially exited from JYP. In rare scenarios, the kpop groups end up renewing their contract with the same agency, but most of the time such things are rare. In GOT7’s case as well, the band decided to part ways. Fans speculated that the band’s mistreatment by JYP and lack of proper management was the reason behind this decision.

In fact most of the fans iGOT7 (AhGaSe) as they are called were extremely happy with the announcement. Over the past few years, the fans have called out JYP entertainment for their mistreatment and lack of promotional activities for GOT7. With all the issues with the agency, AhGaSe deemed that, leaving JYP was the best decision.


Following the departure from JYP, all the GOT7 members are busy with their solo activities. They are joining different entertainment agencies.

Mark Tuan- As for the eldest member Mark Tuan, he decided to focus on his solo career. Mark has his own Youtube channel. His channel reached 1 million subscribers without any videos uploaded on it. Mark thanked his fans and jokingly wrote, “Thank you for 1 million subscribers. I hope you all are enjoying the content.”

In the first video that he uploaded on the channel, Mark celebrated the 1 million subscribers and announced that he will soon be releasing a song. The song is called ‘One in a Million’ and Mark had collaborated with Sanjoy for it. It will be released on February 12.

Jackson Wang- Jackson founded Team Wang Label and has been managing his solo projects under it. In 2017, Jackson released his first solo album in China and also launched Team Wang. He managed all of his solo musical activities through Team Wang. Now Jackson will be focusing on his Label and continue the solo projects.

On January 22, Sublime Artist Agency confirmed that they have made a joint business agreement with Jackson’s management agency, ‘Team Wang.’ “TEAM WANG and SAA will engage in extensive global collaboration in 2021,” tweeted the agency. The agency will help Jackson with his Korean plus overseas projects. 

On Jan 28, Jackson took to his Instagram and shared a story. “Team Wang Something special for you. Team Wang is officially on YouTube will be amazing to Subscribe and turn on notifications More to announce soon”. Along with this, he also shared the teaser of his upcoming song, Alone

Park Jinyoung- It was confirmed that Jinyoung has signed an exclusive contract with agency, BigHit Entertainment. A spokesperson from BigHit Entertainment said, “Through BH Entertainment’s system, we will provide both material and emotional support for Jinyoung’s diverse career as an actor and musician.”

Park Jinyoung made his debut in 2014 with the band GOT7. Apart from performing with the group, Jinyoung also acted in many K-dramas. He made his drama debut with Dream High 2. In 2016, he acted in a film called A Stray Goat. But his latest lead role as Lee Ahn in ‘He Is Psychometric’ is what really boosted his acting career. Jinyoung is a multi-talented artist.

His contract with BigHit Entertainment can surely bring new opportunities for the former GOT7 member in both music and acting field.

Choi Youngjae- The member took to his Instagram account to announce his future plans. Youngjae thanked his fans for all the support and confirmed that he will be joining Sublime Artist Agency. “I will show an even better side and various promotions as GOT7 Youngjae and as Choi Youngjae, so please anticipate it,” he said in the post. Even the agency confirmed this news and said they are happy to have Youngjae join their company.

Along with this, Youngjae will also be acting in Netflix’s comedy series, I Wish the World Would End Tomorrow. Fans were happy with this news as both Jackson and Youngjae will be under the same agency. 

Kim Yugyeom- The maknae of the group has not officially announced anything yet, although there were several rumors regarding his future plans. It was said that Yugyeom was in talks with the Above Ordinary Music Group (AOMG) label. Though nothing is confirmed yet, Yugyeom could possibly join Jay Park’s record label.

Im Jae Beom- It was reported that the leader JB was contacted by several big agencies, but JB is yet to confirm anything. The leader recently opened a new Twitter account. The account was named, ‘Jay B.’ As soon as JB made his first tweet, Bambam couldn’t stop having fun with it.

Bambam- Looks like Bambam will be focusing on having fun as of now. It is well-deserved, don’t you think? With Bambam replying to JB’s tweet and joking around with fellow GOT7 members, he is literally having the best time right now.

Bambam is currently in talks with various agencies, but hasn’t confirmed anything yet.


After seven years of hard work, performances and many amazing albums, GOT7 finally ended their journey. But this end only marks GOT7 and JYP’s parting. It is not the end of GOT7. As the members said ‘Nothing is coming to an end, this is just the beginning.’

Even with the members joining different agencies and record labels, the seven of them can still work together. They can come back for projects, outside their agencies’ works.

“The seven of us are going to continue to bring you guys the best version of us till the end.”

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