How Much Did 2020’s Highest Paid YouTuber 9 Year Old Ryan Kaji Earn?

How Much Did 2020's Highest Paid YouTuber 9 Year Old Ryan Kaji Earn?

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Ryan Kaji who is just nine years old is the highest paid Youtuber of 2020. The young boy who runs his channel, Ryan’s World earned around $29.5m dollars, this year. Ryan does unboxing videos on his channel; reviewing toys and other games in his videos. According to the highest-paid YouTube stars of 2020 list released by Forbes, Kaji is at No.1 position.

Kaji who lives in Texas earned $29.5m through the videos posted on his YouTube channel Ryan’s World and also managed to further earn around $200m from Ryan’s World exclusive merch. The branded stuff from his channel includes toys and clothing.

Kaji first began his Youtube channel in 2015. This Child influencer now has a total of 41.7 million subscribers and 12.2 billion views. The most popular video on his channel is Huge Eggs Surprise Toys Challenge and has more than 2 billion views.

Although kaji and his family are now stuck up in legal controversies by the US Federal Trade Commission investigation. It was alleged that videos’ sponsors are not properly disclosed. The Ryan review videos aimed at preschoolers is not right as kids this young can’t differentiate between ads and review. Many of Ryan’s videos have paid-product promotion. Even with or without controversies, this kid keeps getting more and more promotion deals and even offers from TV channels for his own exclusive show. 

With Ryan Kaji on No.1, the second position on the Forbes list was grabbed by Mr. Beast (Jimmy Donaldson). He earned a total of $24 million with three billion views. On No.3 was Dude Perfect with $23 million with 2.77 billion views.

Check the full List Here:

  1. Ryan Kaji (Earning: $29.5m, Views: 12.2 billion)
  2. Mr Beast (Jimmy Donaldson) (Earning: $24m, Views: 3 billion)
  3. Dude Perfect (Earning: $23m, Views: 2.77 billion)
  4. Rhett and Link (Earning: $20 million, Views: 1.9 billion)
  5. Markiplier (Earning: $19.5 million, Views: 3.1 billion)
  6. Preston Arsement (Earning: $19 million, Views: 3.3 billion)
  7. Nastya (Earning: $18.5 million, Views: 39 billion)
  8. Blippi (Earning: $17 million, Views: 8.2 billion)
  9. David Dobrik (Earning: $15.5 million, Views: 2.7 billion)
  10. Jeffrey Lynn Steininger (Earning: $15 million, Views: 600 million)

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