Hyd: Sania And Anam Are Back With The Label Bazaar’s 12th Edition

Hyd: Sania And Anam Are Back With The Label Bazaar’s 12th Edition

Sania Mirza and Anam Mirza - Sakshi Post

Hyderabad: Ace tennis player Sania Mirza is back on the court after a maternity break since 2017. Championing her first win at Hobart International, she joins a growing tribe of tennis-playing mothers who have returned to the game after childbirth. Her perseverance and passion for the sport and for fitness keeps her going.

Her sister Anam Mirza recently married legendary cricketer Mohd. Azharuddin’s son Asad in December. Following her elder sister’s footsteps of self-motivation, Anam has been working towards building her Hyderabad based marketing agency and her 4-year-old lifestyle exhibition called Label Bazaar.

Label Bazaar will be hosting its 12th Season in Hyderabad and Bangalore in the month of February 2020 with of course the overlining theme of ‘Loving Yourself’ every day. The sisters are are working together to represent the idea of ‘Self Love’ this season. IANSlife caught up with the siblings talk about fitness, sisterhood and being the best version of yourself.

Here are few questions asked to Sania Mirza and Anam Mirza in an IANS interview:

Read Excerpts: Q: Sisters before misters, do you agree and why? Sania: Totally! My sister is my best friend and she is my go-to person for everything. She is also my stylist because she understands my sense of style so well. We do a lot of fun things together like taking holidays, going for dinners and also hitting the gym. I always look forward to the Label Bazaar which is a fashion and lifestyle exhibition she curates. I know how much thought and effort goes behind every single show.

Q: You’ve been in the limelight for your profession, marriage, pregnancy and just about anything. Do you think that it works in your favour most of the times? Sania: I’ve been in the limelight since I was 16 so I guess I am used to it. But I am a very private person in general and I don’t think I’ve ever thought of it in a way to make it work in or against my favor.

Q:You are championing your first win at Hobart International after a break since 2017. How important is to get back to what you love? Sania: My transformation was unlike any other because it was more than just a physical transformation. It had its fair share of challenges but whenever I look at Izhaan, I know it’s all worth it. I’ve been honored to win a lot of titles in my life but nothing compares to the title of motherhood.

Q: What does self love mean to you and how can one benefit from it? Sania: I think self-love is very important. How you feel about yourself impacts your attitude with other people too. Most people who are insecure or struggle with self-confidence are the ones who don’t love themselves enough when they have so many reasons to. As the brand ambassador of the Label Bazaar, I am proud that they are addressing this issue and that their latest edition is centric to the theme of self-love. I’ve always indulged in retail therapy and I think everyone should!

Q: You tied the knot in December in a family with a focus on sports… do you think it works in your favour, having grown up in a similar environment? Anam: I am someone who has been brought up in a sports-loving family and watching my sister play since I was a child. Also, a lesser-known fact is that I used to be a professional level shooter and basketball player as well. From one family that loves sports so deeply to another, we are more similar than different. We are used to the constant distances and living out of suitcases. So it’s nothing new to me and I love being married.

Q: You are working towards building a marketing agency share details Anam: Even when I started Label Bazaar, I used to consult a lot of brands with marketing and with my expertise in events, our team could very easily pull off many more events like Label Bazaar. It was only until last year that I found the need to actually register it and address it as a sister company. It goes by the name of Extraa media. It is more than just your typical ad agency. We treat each brand like our very own and instrument it’s growth. Basically, we go the Extraa mile!

Q: Your lifestyle exhibition called Label Bazaar. turns four… share details and do you feel a sense of achievement? Anam: The Label Bazaar was just a random idea that my best friend and I got when we were in college. We were complaining about how shopping in our city is restricted to such limited brands and honestly, the first show we ever curated was for us to be able to shop. After I saw the response I realized that it was an actual need in the market and that there were many others who felt the same way. I went on to do a bit more research and realized that there are so many cities that still want to be introduced to newer brands and fashion and here we are – 4 years, 6 cities and 17 shows later celebrating our 12th season! (IANS Inputs)

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