Jackson Wang Sings About His Journey In A Touching MV For Alone

Jackson Wang Sings About His Journey In A Touching MV For Alone

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Jackson Wang released a music video for his solo track, ‘Alone.’ After GOT7 parted ways and went ahead on their own journeys, every member is doing something special. While some of them have signed a contract with other companies, some are focusing on their solo career outside of any label.

Jackson constantly surprised his fans with solo tracks and MVs. He even founded Team Wang Label to manage his solo projects. After releasing his first solo album in 2017, Wang is now back with another surprise.

His newest song Alone’s music video was shared on Youtube on 30th Jan in which Jackson talks about his journey and how he has to face everything, alone. It is an emotional recall to the fact that he had to leave and everyone behind. He left his hometown, China, in order to chase his dreams.

Jackson sings that even after all this time and no matter what happens, he is still alone. But he can fight and is now ready to accept failure. Jackson shares that, he is ready to rise again. He will move forward and will not give even when he is alone and even when he faces countless hurdles in his journey.  

The lyrics and the video are really powerful yet emotional. As he wanders around in a desert, Jackson sings “I am alone in this journey. Although sometimes I feel cold, I am used to being alone.”

Wanting to leave a legacy behind; Jackson wishes that people do not forget about him. “One day, when I am no longer here, I hope people still remember me.” He wishes that after all the struggle and hurdles that he faced alone in this journey, it brings in something good. The lyrics could mean that after all this is gone, what will remain is the legacy and the music and if people remember Jackson Wang for his music, it will mean that he succeeded.

One of the most powerful lyrics in the song was, “182, I feel my enemies, But I keep going.” 182 is slang or an indirect way of saying, ‘I hate you.’ It can simply mean that Jackson is saying that he doesn’t care about his enemies. Another meaning can also be ‘to climb higher’ and to reach above everyone else.

The song is in Mandarin which is Jackson’s native language. From the lyrics to MV to the production process, Wang took part in all the stages. It is a very personal song for Jackson.

Jackson made sure that his song and music video also became a means of support for others. In the end of the video, Jackson shared a beautiful message, urging and motivating everyone to strive for success and not to give up in face of challenges.

“No one can walk our paths for us; We might feel lost and alone. There will be many reasons and problems that stop us from moving forward, but we should not give up. When you love something, you should keep fighting to achieve it,” read the message in the end.

This is an emotional day for IGOT7 (GOT7 fans) as Jackson and other members are starting their new journey and no matter what the fans are ready to support each one of them in their endeavor. 

Watch the ‘Alone’ MV Here: 

This is how fans reacted to the song:

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