Khara Dupatta, A Unique Hyderabadi Cultural Preserve

Khara Dupatta, A Unique Hyderabadi Cultural Preserve

Khara Dupatta, a unique dupatta exclusive to Hyderabadi Muslim weddings - Sakshi Post

By Amena Rasti

Indian weddings have attracted the attention and curiosity from across the globe owing to the grandeur of celebrations. Traditional Muslim weddings are quite simple but they are fun to be in. In the ‘City Of Nizams’ Hyderabad, the weddings are royal and unique in style from all other weddings.

What makes Hyderabadi shaadis most unique in style?

Hyderabadi weddings include complete Hyderabadi stuff like marfa band, to traditional clothing to nawabi cuisine, unique rituals like distributing dry fruits immediately after Nikah. From groom’s family to bride’s family, every individual does everything in a unique and traditional way.

We all are know that Hyderabad is known as ‘City of Nawabs’ and that’s how Hyderabadis have always been. Whether it is food or wedding attires, the Nawabi culture still has a deep impact on the people of Hyderabad.

If you look at the Hyderabadi grooms, they wear especially the sherwani designs and the bride wear ‘Khara Dupattas’, you would realize how strong influence the Nizams and other Nawabs have on its people.

These unique appearance of both men and women adds charm to Hyderabadi weddings. For fashion lovers and for those who love historic typical traditions, a true Hyderabadi shaadi is the perfect event to be in.

Here we have bought you the detailed description of Hyderabadi traditional bridal wear from beautitful attire, Khara Dupatta to traditional jewellery.

Khara Dupatta And Its Origin

Khara Dupatta (Photo courtesy: Fakher Jehan bridal studio, Banjara Hills)

Khara Dupatta is the traditional wedding dress of Hyderabadi Muslim brides that is usually made of net with embroidery and zardozi work. This traditional set of dress comprises of a kurta (tunic), churidaar (long slim pants) and a six-yard dupatta.

Khara Dupatta was originated during early 17th century!

To craft a noble dress for Mughal Express Noor Jahan, various craftsmen from Turkey and Persia were invited to India in the 17th century. And then the dress became traditional attire to Mughal ladies. Later, when Nizam was ruling Hyderabad, the Begums of Nizam’s family modified the Mughal’s attire in a creative style and named it as Khara Dupatta. Since then, this culture is being practised by Hyderabadis.

Wait! the bridal wear is not complete yet! Khara Dupatta is incomplete with traditional Nizami jewellery. Here is a list you must have if you have a Muslim wedding ahead and planning to wear Khara Dupatta.

Khara Dupatta is accompanied by a list of jewellery!

Khara Dupatta is accompanied by following list of jewellery!
1. Maang Tika : A medallion of uncut diamonds to which a string of pearls is attached. It is worn on forehead.

2.Jhoomar: A fan-shaped ornament worn on the side of the head

3. Nath: A nose ring with a large ruby bead flanked by two pearls and can be worn either right or left side of nose.

4. Jadaau: A choker studded with uncut diamonds and precious stones

5. Kaan Phool: Earings which has a flower motif covering the ear lobe and a bell-shaped ornament that is suspended from the flower to which strands of pearls are attached and they are made to stuck in hair.

6. Satlada: Necklacke of seven strands of pearls set with emeralds, diamonds and rubies.

7. Jugni: Necklace with several strands of pearls with a central pendant which will have a large rubi or emerald stone.

Perfect Hyderabadi Nizami Khara Dupatta with complete jewellery!

Other minor jewellery like bangles and anklets will complete the set of a perfect Nizami Hyderabadi bridal get up!

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