The Most Precious And Special BTS Album, BE Essential: A Gift To ARMYs 

The Most Precious And Special BTS Album, BE Essential: A Gift To ARMYs 

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First and most importantly, BE is the most personal BTS album yet. The members participated in the making process. Not just the songs, the production process, making, MV shooting, concept pictures, everything was handled by BTS.

The deluxe version of BE album was released on 20 November, 2020. It was the first ever BTS album to have 7 photocards. The album came with a photobook, lyrics poster, making book, photo cards and postcards. The album was filled with all the stuff that ARMYs will like.

Similar to the BE deluxe version, the Essential version will also have photocards, photobook and other regular album items. But this time, ARMYs are also in for a surprise. The BE essential comes with a special gift, which fans are thinking will be ‘new photocards’ or a ‘special BTS tag.’

The album included 8 tracks. 7 songs, (Life Goes On, Fly to My Room, Blue & Grey, Telepathy, Dis-ease, Stay and Dynamite) and 1 skit (Billboard Hot 100). Many fans are now speculating new versions of the song to be included in the ‘Essential’ version.

The album comes with a sticker attached to it. The first sticker reads “Featuring Billboard Hot 100 #1 Single, Dynamite and Life Goes On” and the second sticker says, “63rd Grammy Awards Nominee.” Note that the sticker comes attached to the plastic wrap and not to the album itself.  

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Initially, it was a BE deluxe album, but now it is BE, the album with Billboard charting and Grammy nominated song. BTS BE album topped the Billboard 200 album chart in November, making it the band’s fifth album to achieve the feat.

Not just that, the album’s pre-released song, Dynamite charted at No.1 position on the BB hot 100 chart. The charts were revealed on September 1st, which also came as a gift for member Jungkook who was celebrating his birthday that day. This record extended to the second week as well, a surprise for leader Namjoon. Since August 2020, the song hasn’t left the Hot 100 chart.

When BE was released in November, Dynamite returned to top 5. Life Goes On became the first ever Korean song in Billboard history to get #1 on the Hot 100 chart. Following the song on No.2 was another song from BE, Dynamite.

This album brought BTS and ARMYs a lot of happiness. Dynamite gave BTS their first Grammy nomination. Life Goes on gave the band their first all Korean language No.1 on Hot 100. This album is what brought ARMYs and BTS together in 2020.

BE was proof that no matter what the situation is like, BTS and ARMYs will always stay together. Even though life might seem a bit difficult now, one day everything will be fine. Remember this is how, Life will go on, the band said.

“During 2020, BTS was able to experience the heartfelt and enduring care and affection of fans and the world, even as we faced a year of a new normality. Every milestone was a resonance and passion of the fans of BTS. With BE Essential, we hope to show the deepest appreciation to all fans who have stood by BTS in making history,” read the album description on Weverse.

BE was like a warm hug, like a letter to their fans. Pre-order for the album started on January 25, 2021 and the album will be released on February 19. Looks like ARMYs are ready to give Jhope and Suga their ‘Billboard No.1’ gifts as well. 

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