Say Goodbye To Bras: 7 Major Benefits Of Going Braless

Say Goodbye To Bras: 7 Major Benefits Of Going Braless

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Bras have become a necessary inner-wear for women. All girls are taught that wearing a bra underneath all your clothes is what keeps the breast in shape. Well, as there are advantages of wearing a bra there is more advantages to going braless.

Wearing that tight bra throughout the day can be a pain. Especially during summer when you are sweaty and those straps of your bra is irritating you. As women, you will probably relate to what I am saying. Well then say goodbye to those bras and have a look at this list to see some of the best benefits of going braless.

1. Healthy Blood Circulation

Many studies have proven that not wearing a bra helps with better blood circulation. Tight clothes obstruct the blood circulation in your body. Regular use of bras can hinder healthy flow of blood near the chest.

Sometimes when you feel a sudden tinge or pain in your chest, it is because of those tight bras that are interrupting the blood flow. Sometimes wearing a bra for an entire day can even lead to a suffocating feeling.

2. Better Breast Shape

Well, this will come as a shock to most of you. Since our childhood, we were taught that bras are necessary in order to maintain the breast shape. Not wearing a bra can lead to saggy boob shape. But that is not exactly true.

The bra’s strap feels really tight below your boobs. This tightness will lead to unhealthy and weak chest which will in turn lead to droopy boobs. Instead of holding the boobs in a suffocating piece of clothing for the entire day, it is best to let it free. If you want better shape, it is best to go braless.

3. Better Sleep

Going to sleep while wearing a bra can be really uncomfortable. The best part of the day is when you finally take off that bra and get into your bed. Once you relief yourself of that bra, you are bound to get a good night’s sleep.

Wearing a bra to your bed will cause discomfort and ruin your sleep cycle. According to medical studies, wearing any tight clothing to bed can cause irritation.

4. Less Sweat and Better For Health

When you wear a bra, those straps will lead to dirt and sweat getting collected underneath. This is not good for your skin. This is what causes irritation and constant itchiness. Not wearing a bra means you will sweat relatively less and will be free from irritation.

Chances for fungal infection are higher when you wear a bra. When you sweat, it causes itching and redness. This can lead to certain fungal infections. There are especially bras made with certain material that should strictly be avoided.  

5. No Strap Marks, Better Breathing

When you regularly wear a bra, you will notice that the straps marks will remain under the boobs. These are caused because of tight bra and increased sweating. Going braless will help you be free from those strap marks.

It will allow the pores to open up and you will be able to breathe freely. Especially for women who suffer from asthma, wearing a bra can obstruct their breathing. Free breathing is paramount for a good health.

6. Healthy Nipple and Tissue

When you wear tight bras or bras made of certain not-so-good material, the nipple will go dry. This will cause irritation and are not healthy for your nipples. For healthy boobs and nipples, it is important that you let them free.

When you ditch the bra, your breast tissues will grow better and will be healthier. Healthy breast tissue is important as it prevents your body from contracting many breast diseases.

7. You will feel Free

If you are habituated to wear a bra, it will take some time for you to ditch it. But once you do, it will feel free. No tight straps and less sweating. This new habit will grow on you after sometime. You do not have to go completely braless, but give yourself some break.

Especially when you are at home, BE FREE. 

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