Will Drinking Warm Water Kill Coronavirus?

Will Drinking Warm Water Kill Coronavirus?

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A significant amount of COVID-19 misinformation is surfacing on internet and spreading across social media platforms, ever since the virus became pandemic and reached almost every continent except Antartica.

Among all the weirdest myths in ways to alleviate the disease that is floating on the net, is that drinking warm water every 15 minutes is the best way to kill coronavirus.

According to the myth, if you drink warm water regularly and keep your throat and mouth moist, the novel coronavirus will not get a chance to get into your lungs and cause respiratory symptoms. Instead, it will go into your stomach where the stomach acids would kill it.

However, there is no such scientific proof behind this myth. Even the World Health Organisation suggests that there is no scientific evidence behind this theory.

Experts say that though drinking warm water will keep you hydrated, it would be wrong to assume at this point that it could kill the virus or keep you safe from it.

However, drinking warm water has benefits too.

Most physicians will tell you to keep up your fluid intake when you are suffering from a cold or flu. This is because water helps improve circulation and helps flush toxins out of your body.

In case if you are having mild symptoms of flu or throat irritation, drinking warm water helps relieve congestion since it loosens mucous. Warm water also helps clear your sinuses.

According to experts, keeping yourself hydrated will keep your mucous membranes moist. But it will not prevent complications of a disease, nor will it keep you safe from infections.

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